The Orange Garden

Children learn to love fruit gradually and with experience. Oranfrizer reveals in the language of children all the secrets of one of the most important agricultural treasures of Italy, the orange.
The contact with nature is important, children must be stimulated to peel fruits, to smell their fragrance and taste them, to recognize the colors and to distinguish the fruit as a whole and in its parts, to act out their fantasies with these multiple sensations one each fruit.  Playfully, with pictures and videos, children's curiosity can be awakened and they can discover how fruits are structured, where they come from, how they grow, the importance of the trees and the flowers from which they grow.
Let's talk to them about the farmers who do a job with great responsibility and passion. They make sure to provide us with good and healthy food, their activity is more than important and also contributes to the protection of our environment.
"The Orange Orchard Stories and Myths at the Foot of Etna" is the title of an educational campaign by Giunti Progetti Educativi (Committee for Educational Projects), Oranfrizer and the producer organization "Terre e Sole" of Sicily.
The didactic initiative has also received the moral patronage of the Ministry of Environment, Landscape and Marine Protection. 

Sicily and the oranges, a happy meeting

Sicily and the oranges, a happy combination Sicily and its citrus orchards represent an extraordinary landscape. There are rows of trees full of intense green leaves that stretch as far as the eye can see in the plains overlooked by a volcano that changes with the seasons from the color of scorched earth to the white of the snow that covers the volcano in winter. A landscape not only beautiful but also alive and inhabited.


Let's discover what the orange blossoms, the tree and the fruit are like


Each fruit is the result of a year's work.

The gardens are a place of nature, which is maintained by the work of man.
Gardens! This is the name given to the citrus plantations in Sicily. Possibly because at that time the Arabs used the citrus trees to decorate their most beautiful gardens.
Look what a farmer does in the gardens. He takes care of nature, day after day!

The orange varieties: the discovery of colors and flavors

The blond and blood oranges are two varieties of oranges whose names are derived from the shades of their flesh. Want to know more about them?

All oranges can have small blemishes. Does that make them less valuable? Of course not!

No matter how they are cared for, oranges grow in the open air, exposed to rain, wind and dreaded hailstorms. Organic fruits are never perfect, but even if they do not look very nice, we assure you, they are really delicious. Even the oranges now and then have some blemishes or are smaller than the others, but they are delicious simply eaten as fruit or drunk as freshly squeezed juice! They can be peeled and processed into juice, nectar, jam and other.

Always eat fruit in season!
The season of blood orange is winter!
Thanks to advanced agricultural techniques and scientific research, today we can enjoy fresh - harvested in Italy - yellow and red oranges from October to May.


And in summer?
Do not worry, there is no fruit but its juice.

Learn to read the labels and recognize if a juice is really pure fruit juice!