Cooking with fruit

"At the table with Orankitchen, we expand the opportunities for consuming important fruit within the daily diet. We share the taste, the  cultural aspects, we tell of the ties between the foods and their territory of origin, we unveil curiosity and special menus dreamed up by impassioned chefs living in Sicily”.

Sebastiano Albasole director of Oranfrizer and the Organization of Land and Sun of Sicily Producers.

Orankitchen is a kitchen in which the fruit is the main ingredient, a particular cultural and gastronomic format which introduce all to a real journey of discovery of the aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean.

From the citrus grove to the cooker, Oranfrizer has created this haute cuisine project in order to explore all the flavours of Sicilian citrus fruits in the kitchen!

The special players of this project are above all the blood and common oranges, lemons and mandarins.

Obviously of Sicilian origin!

Leaf through our recipe book dedicated to Sicilian citrus fruit, it contains new prompts for exalting the taste, the odour and the colour of the healthiest fruit of Sicily. Each citrus based idea generates new sensory perceptions because our citrus fruit are precious and captivating treasure chests, vivacious fruit capable of stimulating the sense of smell, the palate and the eye.

The main ingredients which dominate in these exquisite Orankitchen sweet and savoury recipes are the flesh, the juice and even the rind of citrus and other fruit. Each part is capable of becoming the aroma and principle theme of starters and appetizers.

With starters or main courses, Orankitchen takes to the table particular gastronomic combinations and couplings between citrus fruit "made in Sicily," the fruit and vegetables of the Mediterranean and the excellent flavours of the other regions of Italy.

Each recipe draws inspiration from the good taste of all Italians and from the joyous beauty of our great island, Sicily, land kissed by the sun and overlooked by the majesty of Etna.