"Il Giardino delle Arance"

Children's book to learn about orange

Children can enjoy the fruit only if they experience it, Oranfrizer with this project reveals in the language of children all the secrets of one of the most important Italian food treasures, the orange. It is important to get in contact with nature, to encourage children to peel the fruit, to perceive the smell as well as taste, osservane color, make out the entire form by the parties, fantasize with multi-sensory power of each fruit. With the help of games, illustrations and videos can be curious and find out what they are like the fruits, where they come from, how they grow, what they look like trees and flowers that generate them. We speak their farmers, they play a very responsible job and passion, which is to give us all good and healthy foods, their business is very important and helps to protect the environment around us. " Il giardino delle arance. Storie e misteri ai piedi dell’Etna "is the title of the educational campaign developed with Giunti Progetti Educativi, Oranfrizer and Organizzazione dei Produttori “Terre e Sole di Sicilia”. The educational initiative has also received the moral support of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

Sicily and oranges, an happy meeting

Sicily and his orchards are an exceptional landscape. There are rows of trees of rich deep green leaves That stretch visibly in Plains topped by a volcano That, with the seasons, passing by the Earth burnt color to white snow that covers the winter. A beautiful landscape not only, but Also alive and lived.

Let's find out how they are made Zagara, tree and fruit

Each fruit is the result of an annual work

The gardens are a natural place looked after by the work. Gardens! that's how they call the citrus orchards in Sicily, perhaps because long ago the Arabs used the citrus trees as ornaments for their most beautiful gardens.

Find out what makes a farmer in the gardens, as he takes care of nature every day!


The varieties of oranges: let's discover the colors and the flavors

Blondes oranges and red oranges are the two types of oranges that are named after the shade of their flesh, do you want to know more about them?

All oranges may have slight imperfections. It means you are less good? Of course not!

Although treated in the best way, oranges grow in the open air, in contact with rain, wind and hail fearsome. The organic fruit for example, is never perfect, and although it is not beautiful, but we assure you that it is really good. Oranges with some flaws or smaller are good to eat and squeeze! They can be peeled and turned into juice, nectars, jams and more.

Eat more seasonal fruit!
The season of blood oranges is especially the winter. Thanks to the most advanced farming techniques and scientific research, we can now eat freshly picked oranges blondes and blood oranges - and harvested in Italy - from October to May.


And in the Summer?
Never fear, when there is the fruit juice.

Learn to read the label and recognize if a juice has really made only fruit!