All our Fruits

For Oranfrizer, it is the origins which make the taste. This is valid for the blood orange, for the citrus fruits grown on the Catania plain and for all other fruit and vegetables of Sicily which benefit from the unique characteristics of their land of production.
Oranfrizer looks with confidence at other promising fruits and vegetables, and to the continuous search for the best Sicilian flavours; from the little cherry tomatoes of Pachino, to the new potatoes of Syracuse; the grapes of Mazzarrone and Canicatte, and the Ribera pears of Etna; from the peaches of Leonforte to a whole series of other products which are the bounty of vocational lands and which are progressively entering into the Oranfrizer catalogue.
Thanks to continuous collaboration with the associated agricultural base of the Producer’s Organization of the Land and Sun of Sicily, we can gather the best fruit from cultivated lands which extend over all provinces, especially in the territories of Catania and Syracuse.

Above all, it is the fruit richest in the substances important for bodily health which we take to the orchard fruit departments. We place at the disposal of the markets and our consumers a vast range of typical Sicilian products. We give priority to those which, in addition to being good and appetising to the palate and the eye, are also a natural source of vitamins, polyphenes, anthocyanins and mineral salts. Our products are the fruits of nature and of our experience. They are vehicles for knowledge of the land. They are the results of growing techniques and of the commitment of small and large producers who respect nature and take care of it in order to be able to gather fruit and vegetables of high quality. The products come from lands in which integrated pest management or organic farming is practiced. They are cultivated with full respect for people’s health and the environment. All the fruit are gathered and marketed with regardfor naturerespecting its rhythms and its timings. In the field, new technologies are integrated harmoniously with knowledge, experience and the technical production traditions with which the fields have always been worked, with full regard for the land. Each item of fruit is grown with this passion.

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