Oranfrizer’s logistics guarantees the integrity of the product up to its arrival at destination. Our fruit, after careful selection, are packed into nets, or placed into cardboard boxes in single or double layers, or they travel in re-cyclable packaging. The packaging with folding sides is re-usable and contributes to a lowering of costs, to logistics optimization and environmental sustainability.
La logistica di Oranfrizer
Secondary packaging, or crates, are arranged on platforms using an automated palleting system. The special corners of the pallets ensure greater stability to the whole load. All our vehicles are refrigerated and we guarantee transport at controlled temperatures with an ample radius of action with regard to distribution, and very rapid consignment times. Fruit destined for the furthest away markets travel on containers with temperature and humidity control in order to reach distribution or sales centres by sea or air. The refrigerated vehicles of the Oranfrizer fleet are constantly serviced and checked, as imposed by EU and British Retail Consortium regulations.