Oranfrizer reacts to global markets stressing the excellence of Sicilian citrus and orchard fruit production, endorsing quality over quantity, in the knowledge of growing and distributing something unique and which cannot be reproduced in any other part of the world.

To guarantee the quality of the citrus and other fruit – which arrive at foreign borders from the countryside of Sicily – we have not only the checks, carried out in structured and efficient laboratories, but also the certification, recognized at international levels, that the company has obtained.

Organic certification

Oranfrizer, being a certificated establishment as required in EC Council Regulation 834/2007, guarantees that during all the phases of production, preparation and distribution of organic products, the characteristics of organic farming are maintained which, through the use of production methods in line with the sustainable development model, safeguards the environment and the land, to enhance the quality of natural resources

BRC Food Certificate

Oranfrizer, with certification from the British Retail Consortium (B.R.C.), guarantees the application of the specific international standard for the safety of agricultural food products. The objective of the BRC is to ensure that resellers of the large distribution chains (GDO) are able to ensure the quality and safety of food products offered to consumers. Given that it is now a necessary requirement to be able to operate in the sector, this standard also represents a great opportunity to demonstrate the continuous commitment of the company with regard to safety, to quality and compliance with regulations governing the agricultural food sector.

Global GAP Certificate

Oranfrizer, with Global Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) certification, guarantees the activation of the international standard which summarises the basic requirements of “good agricultural working practice”. The standard is aimed in particular at producers of fresh foodstuffs, be they of vegetable or animal origin, and is based on the cardinal principle of food safety, environmental protection, health and safety at work and the wellbeing of animals.

Oranges Protected Designation of Origin (IGP)

Oranfrizer packages Sicilian Blood Oranges with Protected Designation of Origin certification and it is the first company certified for packaging Sicilian IGP Blood Orange Juice. The IGP certification guarantees the origin of blood oranges cultivated in Sicily, in an area identified by the European Union. The fertile Sicilian lands offer particular local climate conditions and simultaneously and naturally impart the taste, colour and odour to the citrus fruit, as well as the unique and inimitable beneficial properties; citrus fruit which are recognized throughout the world.

Syracuse lemons IGP certificate

Oranfrizer packages the Syracuse Lemon IGP, distributing it both in Italy and abroad. The Protected Designation of Origin (IGP) certificate guarantees the origin of the Syracuse Lemon; a recognition which is reserved for lemons cultivated in the area of Syracuse which have been grown and harvested under rigorous protocols. The 10 communes of the Sicilian district recognised for this special product, husband fertile and luxuriant land. The esteemed lemons (yellow and green) give out an elevated amount of juice and are rich in essential oils.

IGP: How to recognize certified Sicilian citrus fruit

Oranfrizer aims at spreading new and healthy food habits allied with the consumption of certified excellent quality products. The activities of introduction and promotion of prized Sicilian citrus fruit are under constant evolution, that is of the Sicilian IGP Blood Orange (fresh and juiced) and of Syracuse Lemons IGP (yellow and green). Oranfrizer exports these Sicilian products throughout the world and through careful marketing strategies, emphasises their strengths. How does one recognise our certified products? The EU has created a quality system which identifies and protects products of real quality and genuineness, in order to help consumers recognise these standards within national and international market places. The quality logo distinguishes the product and guarantees that it is produced according to specific and rigorous directives, and that the product is original. The source and complete denomination - “Blood Oranges of Sicily IGP” and “Lemons of Syracuse IGP” - are present on all certified products offered for sale. The producers and packagers who, like Oranfrizer, may boast the use of the logos and complete denominations, must be registered with the Control System of the Overseeing Consortium, with the obligation of complying with the production regulations. For more information, visit the website of the Overseeing Consortium.
Overseeing Consortium of the Blood Orange of Sicily IGP

Overseeing Consortium of the Lemons of Syracuse IGP