Etna, our territory

Everything here is different: The climate; the colour of the rocks; the vegetation on the coast; the scent of the harvest; the flavour of the food; the character of people. In this land, there is life…plots fully exposed to the sun, cultivation techniques respecting the environment and health, and the local climate of the gardens on the slopes of Mount Etna, exalt the characteristics of the fruit which nature has generously donated to our Sicily.
Experiments abroad have never captured the colour, the aroma and the flavour of the products of Sicily; vain attempts to exceed the generosity of nature. nature.



Etna safeguards the resources of humanity.

On the 21st of June 2013, the Etna volcano was recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

"To all that nature has that is large,
To all that it has that is pleasing,
All that it has that is awesome,
Can be compared with Etna,
And Etna cannot be compared with anything."

Thus wrote Dominique Vivand Denon in his paper on Sicily in 1788. One of the many writers, journalists and voyagers who over the centuries have exalted the beauty and the extraordinary characteristics of the Volcano Etna.
Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Its origins date back nearly 570,000 years. It is thought that in its place, there was a large gulf at the point of contact between the Eurasian tectonic plate to the North, and the African plate to the South.
It was a colossal impact between the two plates to give rise to the first extremely fluid sub-marine basaltic larva eruptions, with the birth of the first volcanic cones. Of this activity, the splendid outcrops of the “Riviera of the Cyclops” remain, with their basalt formations which gave rise to the island of Lachea and the stacks of Aci Trezza. Etna is a marvellous and active volcano. Its eruptions are unexpected, give vigour, richness and natural beauty to our land, and have an effect on cultivation and the particular aspects of our fruit.
Even the men who work this land seem to be forged by it, to live on the slopes of the good volcano. They respect the rhythms and needs of a strong and still evolving nature, and with dedication, they know how to draw out of it the best fruit.

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