Research and Development

Oranfrizer is strongly engaged in innovation of citrus fruit production in Italy, investing in research for safeguarding and increasing the value of citrus groves in Sicily. It gradually integrates with its own offer, all the production of excellence which has always grown in this most fruitful Mediterranean Island, taking great care over the selection of the product and carrying out actions for improvements to coincide with the characteristics of the product with that of Italian and foreign demand.
In the historic citrus groves of the Alba family, and in all the production processes, tradition and innovation sit well together.
In the field, a real revolution has occurred, cultivation has benefited from a significant activity of renewal, maintenance and management. New selections of blood oranges have been planted, super pigmented, fruit of the most recent scientific research carried out in Sicily.

Oranfrizer, through research, aims at making the characteristics of the Sicilian blood orange ever more distinctive and recognizable; its colour, the flavour and nutritional value.

At the same time, the requirements of the market are satisfied, grafting new varietal combinations onto new root stock, in order to extend the marketing calendar of the blood orange (from December to May) with new early and late varieties, and to guarantee the production of new and thriving products with a rootstock which guarantees a natural resistance to viruses which, unfortunately, have decimated some less protected stock. Oranfrizer is proactive, having also reacted to these attacks and may others, converting a menace into an opportunity for improvement and innovation in the field.
It is the origins that make the flavour and Oranfrizer feels the need to safeguard the nature and bio-diversity of blood oranges which have always been pigmented in Sicily, to integrate the most advanced technologies and value the most recent studies for optimizing all the production process phases, up to the sphere of packaging.

Oranfrizer diversifies production and transforms it, making Sicilian citrus fruits available for 365 days of the year with 100%, not from concentrate, juices. It has made the seasons irrelevant to the consumer and has exported beyond the confines of Europe. In those places where fresh fruit cannot reach, the juices have a guaranteed passport. Oranfrizer juices have the taste and the nutritional value of fruit, are easy to consume, have a high nutritional profile and are perfectly in line with daily healthy food habits recommended for looking after one’s health.

Oranfrizer carries out research and development activities on many named produce in Sicily, not just oranges. It also involves other fruit and vegetables in its natural and high quality projects. Every day, new producers and new holdings take part in the world of Oranfrizer; they move across into paths of growth and compliance with the rules, reduction of waste and improved use of resources, improving their methods of cultivation, contributing to the valuable potential which is held in by nature and which spontaneously fruits in the largest island of the Mediterranean.

For Oranfrizer, which cultivates and innovates in full respect of nature, the research continues, to the benefit of the healthy fruit of Sicily and of the most aware and demanding of consumers.